6477222099 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-722-2099, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-16 01:17:49
  • Karla

She called me and said that I as well as 3d 2n in the Grand Bahamas rent with 7 days car free had won a 5D 4n Urlaub in Disney World 4 d 3n in Datona. I had filled out an online entry form... but I was still surprised I had won... then came the suspect part.  They wanted me only american dollars 249 00 or I could take up to 3 ppl with me because the American american dollars 500.00 was all I had to do... give them my Visa card number... so that they at home could me my confirmation number via email and my holiday package. Did you know the first 2 numbers of my card. not good as I don t this information. The 36 year old self to say that visa has already explained that I had an excellent line of credit... At the moment I m paying a company for my visa. So I hang up and investigated threw the number here. There is also another site that you can go. http //whocallsme.com/Phone Calls.aspx/647then went to 411 and looked at Orlando Florida... Walt Disney World Corp... and spoke to a nice lady called willow am... 407 824 2000 which leaves me with the legal attached... That gave me another number... 818 560 3300 left a detailed message for their investigations. Enter you to go a website... but I was not fast enough to catch all... LOL... I really hope this will help you and that you take a break from your busy day to log because I Disney Will these ppl know to do something about it... TC and have a nice life.


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